Character Creation

Character Creation Notes
We’re playing a homebrewed* 5e. Scag, EE
Characters will be starting at level 1
Take averages on health
If you want to be a divine magic user or a sorcerer that needs to be your first level.
So long as everyone can agree on one, the party will have a joint background. For example: Person A, B, and C are all from the same family, they are all Noble. Person A is also a merchant, B is also an acolyte, and C got exiled, so is a hermit now. They all share Noble but have a second separate background to themselves.
If you happen to have a race block that you prefer but don’t want to visually or character wise be that race, we can discuss that. For instance you can be an elf with dwarf stats if you happen to grow up around mines or just dealt with that sort of culture growing up. Made up half races are fine too.

Setting Notes: Uh oh, I’m bad at world crafting.

There are three major powers territory-wise in the world. You’ll be starting within the first, the other two are mentioned just in case anyone wants to be from elsewhere.
The Empire of Corro- An empire built around a long magical road.
Three Two very large cities and several towns villages line the sides of the Builder’s Path.
Magic is rare, there are two schools, magic users are usually drafted in times of war.
There is a census sent out every decade. Buying dangerous things may require
The Five Kingdoms- Five loosely unified kingdoms of various races to the far north. Magic prevalence depends on the area. Tech prevalence depends on the area.
Darud- A magocracy across the ocean.
There are three major deities in the world. Many deities are worshipped in various places but the widest spread are the teachings of:
Erathis is the unaligned goddess of civilization. She is a founder of cities and writer of law, revered by warlords, rulers and inventors.
Lathander- the neutral good god of renewal, birth, self-perfection, vitality and youth.
Fharlanghn – the god of Horizons, Distance, Travel, and Roads.
Divine magic is very rare. Not unheard of, but pretty dang rare. Rarer so if it’s unrelated to the main three gods of the area.
The area you are in is mid-tech, low magic. There are siege weapons, boats are made of wood— there are attempts at iron boats, but that’s going pretty poorly, very very few people have handheld guns. There is a working train but it is only in the largest city and doesn’t go outside of it. There are airships.

*Homebrew Rules List:
The Gunslinger
The Blood Hunter (also Order of the Lycan)
College of the Maestro
Skill Check Criticals – A Natural 20 on a proficient player means a VERY successful and exemplary use of the skill! A Natural 20 on an unskilled (and generally poorly inclined) character I would allow to be a success (as even those of us who suck at things can get lucky every now and than, or have that singular moment of inspiration that allows us to reach beyond our average means), though I would gauge the success to not being anything game-changing per say.
I will frequently be using monsters that other people have homebrewed.
Characters can take potions as bonus action
Double the value shown on your dice for a critical hit – 2d6 + 3 becomes {2d6 x 2} + 3.
A skill challenge for resurrection magic or the character’s soul is lost.
Short Rests are around 15-20 mins
Inspiration acts as a +1d6 to a roll.
Intimidating Presence (Barbarian Ability) is based on Strength, not Charisma
The wall of stone spell is instantaneous and permanent, not concentration with a duration

The [Don’t Be A Little Shit] Rule.

The first two things are mandatory, the other things are mandatory- sounding suggestions. This is in an effort to push people off of their go-to characters. Rob’s rules apply to everyone.

No Armor/high Ac
You can’t have green flame blade
Play something bookish
Place something pretty :3
Dump Int
Low perception
Must be Lawful
No spells or spell likes
Have high wis
Dump Cha
Don’t play a child
Don’t play a woman
Follow basic character creation
Don’t let anyone tell you what to make — unless what you want to make contradicts the first rule for you.


When is the game starting?
When I stop finding reasons to keep putting it off.
Can I play a shifter?
Can I play a warforged?
Can I unearthed arcana?
Maybe, depends what it is.
Where are we starting?
In or near a small village in the empire, more info later once I find out what everyone is doing.

Character Creation

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